Elgar – our premium potato brand

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In the wholesale market sometimes price isn’t everything, but a reliable quality is. Elgar, Rush Group’s premium potato has been launched to fulfil this need in the wholesale and food service market.

At the moment the Elgar brand includes scrapers and chippers in 25KG bags. David Storer of Rush comments: “ The brand name Elgar reflects the heritage of this premium brand and our wholesale and food service customers seem to be really warming to Elgar. They say they really like the distinctive black and gold packaging as it stands out in the market place, and more importantly they realise that they can count on the quality of the product – as the repeat business we are getting testifies.”

Whilst Elgar has only two potato products presently, there are a number of others in the pipeline, including salad potatoes, which are launching in the near future.

If you are in the wholesale or food service market looking for a reliable source of premium quality potatoes, Elgar might just be music to your ears.

For more information on our premium potato brand, please contact David Storer on +44 (0) 1603 516268

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