Working with farmers for a profitable market

Rush Group’s global network of growers choose to supply them because they know that Rush’s product knowledge, targeted produce offering and industry expertise means that everything they grow for Rush will find a home. They also offer reassuring financial security as demonstrated by their Dun & Bradstreet accreditation. Equally Rush Group only works with growers who can demonstrate the professional calibre required to supply global markets.

Rush Group’s agronomists forge close relationships with farmers, working with them on planning product types and varieties, as well as assisting with the production of their crops. It is this alliance that ensures each crop harvest maximises its potential value.

Rush helps farmers with monitoring and auditing production practices, such as use of agro-chemicals, labour force and their welfare, environmental impact and hygiene – all of which ensures everything they grow meets the necessary accreditation standards. The group is also on hand to sort out time-consuming logistics and documentation – leaving growers to concentrate on growing first class fruit and vegetables.

Rush Group is always keen to find new growers of potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, onions, cauliflowers, broccoli and apples, who feel they can meet the exacting standards set by the group.

For further information, please contact the appropriate person for your crop and geographical region.