UK Packing Potatoes – the time to start exporting?

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The old crop has just finished, with the 2017 crop now being lifted. There have been favourable growing conditions, which have lead to an earlier harvest, which in turn has been slightly hampered by the rain. Possible quality issues are being reported, and yield is still to be confirmed, but early signs show that it might be slightly lower than average, but the increased planted area should probably counteract this fact.
The new season’s potatoes, following a low-priced old crop, can’t expect to draw a high price in the UK, a fact confounded by the over-supply across Western Europe. Rush therefore is recommending its growers to look for markets overseas; with the Group’s network of global offices and a wide customer base spread over all parts of the world, Rush is confident that it can find a profitable home for UK packing potatoes.

So if you are looking for a home for your UK packing potato crop, contact James Bulford today.

Potato Seed Update, 2017 – 18

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Ross Haynes, Rush Group’s seed potato expert offers his opinion on the UK potato seed market.


  • Some varieties suffering lower numbers than average
  • Uniform crop – all tubers will be keepers
  • Increased overall area planted will balance shortfall brought on by reduced tuber numbers
  • The seed crop will be burnt off for the maximum seed fraction, however varieties including Accord, Agria, Lanorma etc. will be in high demand due to low tuber numbers, others may be affected.

Seed Health

  • On the whole, very good this year
  • Black Leg has been evident in normal culprits in Scotland
  • Common Scab evident in most crops in England and Scotland
  • England has had an extremely good year re Black Leg, but there are higher levels of aphids
  • Rumours of primary virus in England

Rush Group’s route to securing you potato seed

Here at Rush we provide all our customers with full transparency from the recipient of the seed, within the capability of the seed grower in Scotland or England, along with the producer’s facilities. We use only designated crops from a proven base of good, experienced and professional seed growers across Scotland & England.

We can also provide prices daily for unrestricted varieties.

For more information contact me on

Elgar – our premium potato brand

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In the wholesale market sometimes price isn’t everything, but a reliable quality is. Elgar, Rush Group’s premium potato has been launched to fulfil this need in the wholesale and food service market.

At the moment the Elgar brand includes scrapers and chippers in 25KG bags. David Storer of Rush comments: “ The brand name Elgar reflects the heritage of this premium brand and our wholesale and food service customers seem to be really warming to Elgar. They say they really like the distinctive black and gold packaging as it stands out in the market place, and more importantly they realise that they can count on the quality of the product – as the repeat business we are getting testifies.”

Whilst Elgar has only two potato products presently, there are a number of others in the pipeline, including salad potatoes, which are launching in the near future.

If you are in the wholesale or food service market looking for a reliable source of premium quality potatoes, Elgar might just be music to your ears.

For more information on our premium potato brand, please contact David Storer on +44 (0) 1603 516268

Offering a profitable home for new crop potatoes

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The United Kingdom is now moving into the new crop potato season, a crop that is looking particularly healthy. Planted areas in the UK are up by 4% and yields are reportedly up too, which in turn has depressed prices, which, subject to any unusual weather, suggests it may be a low price season ahead.
With an over-supplied market, growers who are looking for alternative outlets should consider contacting Rush Group, so that their potato crop can be given global exposure. Rush is one of the UK’s most credit-worthy potato exporters, which means that growers who export their new crop potatoes with Rush have financial peace of mind and a secure route to an overseas market.
Rush’s international network of offices allows us to have a controlled approach to export with strategically positioned offices staffed by native language speakers who understand the market in their area.


If you are looking for a profitable and secure market for your new crop potatoes, please contact James Bulford today.

European carrots 2017

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This year has seen perfect growing conditions for the European carrot crop, resulting in bumper yields and a possible over-supply situation. As we enter the 2017/2018 season, here is a quick round up as Rush Group sees it:

United Kingdom
Now entering the new 2017/18 season with eastern counties such as Norfolk and Suffolk providing the majority of the crop.

The Dutch are a couple of weeks away from the new crop.

The new season started in May, with a lot still to sell, as one of their main markets, the UK is still using the remainder of the Scottish crop, which also started in May. With France only having a narrow window to sell to UK, the French have focused on the domestic market to protect local prices. Much of the old crop was disposed of to make way for the higher value new crop.

The new crop is well under way, with a lot of crop still available.

The downside of the bumper season, is of course that availability outstrips demand – hence countries such as France having to throw away perfectly good crops. Rush has been able to help some of their customers with their carrot crops, thanks to their contacts in the processing sector, growers spread over a wide geographical area and their product knowledge.

Rush is often able to sell an entire crop, thus giving their growers a better financial return, whilst providing their customers with specific sizes of carrot tailored to their particular processing requirement. The processing market is growing fast, thanks to consumers’ changing tastes in the way they eat vegetables.

For more information, please contact Tom Ebdon

Brown and red onions

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The onion market is in a state of extremes at the moment – a glut of brown onions and a lack of red onions.

Favourable growing conditions in Europe, disappointing export volumes and general decreased demand have led to an abundance of small brown onions throughout Europe. These plentiful stocks of <70mm onions in particular, now need a home before the new crop sets start coming onto the market in the next month or so. Rush Group’s network of international customers, regional offices throughout Europe, and their in-depth product knowledge means they are still capable of finding a home for these surplus brown onions. Therefore, if you are looking for a home for any surplus stocks over the coming weeks, please contact Nat Bacon.

Red onions could not be more different. Current old crop stocks are now severely depleted however any gap in supply has now been averted with fresh arrivals from the Southern Hemisphere and Egypt. The volumes are still small though so supply of red onions is still difficult however thanks to Rush Group’s wide collection of red onion farmers, the Group are still able to supply their customers throughout this difficult period.

If you are looking for a home or looking to buy either brown and/or red onions, contact Nat Bacon.

Carrots – an overview

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Currently the old English crop is still in full swing, but what will happen next is still up for debate. Some people are saying that there will be a seamless transition from English carrots to Scottish carrots, then back to new season English carrots. On the other hand some people believe that English carrots will run until May, and then there will be a need to import carrots for 4-6 weeks before the Scottish and new crop English carrot season starts.

In North West Europe they are still using old crop with the new crop coming in shortly.

Looking ahead, it wont be long before the Spanish new crop carrots arrive. This will be followed by Israeli new crop, with French new season carrots arriving at the end of May/beginning of June.

The weather, as ever, will play a large part in what happens next in the carrot season, if the weather stays seasonally accurate then all should be OK, however if the weather becomes unseasonably warm then the old crop could loose its shelf life and the new crop might not be ready.

At the moment the general consensus seems to be that supply will outstrip demand, but thanks to Rush’s ability to market carrots on a global level, the Group will be able to provide a profitable home for every carrot.


For all your carrot enquiries please contact Tom Ebdon


Your trusted avocado supplier

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With this fruit becoming increasingly popular around the globe, it is important for avocado customers to find a reliable supplier. The United Kingdom is predicting a 30% growth in consumption this year, and the rest of Europe, particularly Eastern Europe looks to mirror this trend.

Rush has been involved in exotics, especially avocados, sweet potatoes, seedless watermelons and pomelos for many years, and so have great experience in transporting these fruits and vegetables around the globe. The Group’s network of international offices enables them to offer ‘on the ground’ support to both their avocado growers and customers, so ensuring the supply chain runs as smoothly as possible, however great the demand.
Rush is currently importing containers of Greenskin and Hass varieties from Africa and South America, and ripening them in the UK for the retail, wholesale and processing markets.

Please contact Nat Bacon to discuss all your avocado needs

A profitable home for your organic carrots

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Rush Group has a reputation for finding a successful home for their farmers’ crops and organic carrots are no exception.The Group has a large number of customers throughout Europe who are hungry for organic carrots for both packing and processing.

Rush Group is interested in organic carrots that meet the following criteria:

Size: Uncalibrated
Packaging: Jumbo Bags or loose in bulk
Time Period: March – April
Specification: Washed

So if your organic carrots meet these criteria and you are keen to gain exposure to a wider European market, please contact Tom Ebdon today



A profitable home for your organic beetroot

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Rush Group has a reputation for finding a successful home for their farmers’ crops and organic beetroot is no exception.The Group has a large number of customers throughout Europe who are hungry for organic beetroot for both packing and processing.

Rush Group is interested in organic beetroot that meets the following criteria:
Size: 40mm, 40-85mm & 80+mm
Packing: Jumbo bags or loose in bulk
Time period: Now- end of March
Specification:  Raw/unwashed

So if your organic beetroot meets this criteria and you are keen to gain exposure to a wider European market, please contact Tom Ebdon today