Potato Seed Update, 2017 – 18

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Ross Haynes, Rush Group’s seed potato expert offers his opinion on the UK potato seed market.


  • Some varieties suffering lower numbers than average
  • Uniform crop – all tubers will be keepers
  • Increased overall area planted will balance shortfall brought on by reduced tuber numbers
  • The seed crop will be burnt off for the maximum seed fraction, however varieties including Accord, Agria, Lanorma etc. will be in high demand due to low tuber numbers, others may be affected.

Seed Health

  • On the whole, very good this year
  • Black Leg has been evident in normal culprits in Scotland
  • Common Scab evident in most crops in England and Scotland
  • England has had an extremely good year re Black Leg, but there are higher levels of aphids
  • Rumours of primary virus in England

Rush Group’s route to securing you potato seed

Here at Rush we provide all our customers with full transparency from the recipient of the seed, within the capability of the seed grower in Scotland or England, along with the producer’s facilities. We use only designated crops from a proven base of good, experienced and professional seed growers across Scotland & England.

We can also provide prices daily for unrestricted varieties.

For more information contact me on ross@rushgroup.co.uk

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