UK Packing Potatoes – the time to start exporting?

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The old crop has just finished, with the 2017 crop now being lifted. There have been favourable growing conditions, which have lead to an earlier harvest, which in turn has been slightly hampered by the rain. Possible quality issues are being reported, and yield is still to be confirmed, but early signs show that it might be slightly lower than average, but the increased planted area should probably counteract this fact.
The new season’s potatoes, following a low-priced old crop, can’t expect to draw a high price in the UK, a fact confounded by the over-supply across Western Europe. Rush therefore is recommending its growers to look for markets overseas; with the Group’s network of global offices and a wide customer base spread over all parts of the world, Rush is confident that it can find a profitable home for UK packing potatoes.

So if you are looking for a home for your UK packing potato crop, contact James Bulford today.

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